Turning to a new chapter in your financial life can begin right here by signing up for one of our offshore services.  It might have already or not yet fully occurred to you how important it is to plan your finances and protect your assets to ensure that all or most of wealth is not fully exhausted in just a short space of time.  Most offshore services aim at helping you to maximize your income and most importantly, protecting it.

Many things could trigger financial woes.  Some of them are self-inflicted if you’re guilty of careless spending, making poor investments or badly managing your finances.  Other misfortunes are inflicted upon us and are often unforeseen, but getting the right offshore service or offshore insurance policy can devise an indemnity plan.  Meanwhile, for the spendthrift, offshore financial services that involve the set up of offshore trusts are long-term yet quick fixes.  For the company that operates in an unstable economy with political unrest, offshore banking services are a reliable, effective and easily accessible option.

Such are the options that OSC Ltd. puts to the disposal of current and potential customers.  Yet, in addition to providing these tools through offshore formation services, customers need to be educated on the importance of financial planning and management, which is strengthened by obtaining financial services offshore.


Nowadays, it is more and more evident that all your eggs should not be placed in one basket.  The offshore option that we present will help you to safeguard at least one of those eggs; your wealth.  Be it by testing new territories to trade with or offshore banks that you can save a dime in, offshore companies, with the structure of an offshore IBC or offshore LLC can help you secure success, secure your assets and plan your future. Find out what are the other benefits that you get from offshore company incorporation:

  • Easy access to specialist professionals
  • Specialised services in banking, tax planning, offshore investing, company incorporation, foundation and offshore trust formation, captives, protective cell companies or special portfolio vehicles and offshore insurance
  • Zero tax on worldwide income, dividends, royalties, capital gains, repatriated funds, remittances, gifts and profits
  • Greater access to financing sources internationally
  • More markets to trade with
  • Stronger international market presence
  • Fast online  offshore corporate services
  • Greater awareness of key markets, trends, players and strategies
  • Asset protection
  • Seclusion, in the sense of get things done by yourself overseas
  • Jurisdictions in tuned with international regulatory measures

With OSC Ltd., the options and possibilities are far greater.


OSC Ltd. focuses on offshore company incorporation as one of its main offshore corporate services. We give one on one support, our advisors are on hold to answer your questions, guide you through the offshore incorporation process online and recommend a variety of offshore banking institutions. Belize offshore companies are highly recommended. They are quick to incorporate, the requirements are simple even if regulations are tough and the quality of service is exceptional.


Offshore companies are often considered the wheels of international trade and commerce.  Millions of dollars are handled on a daily basis through offshore banks and only offshore companies give this degree of flexibility, compatibility and tax efficiency for international trade.  To get a quick idea of concept and structure of the offshore company (IBC), a few pointers are given below:

  • Adaptable to varying business activities (ecommerce, trade, investment, management)
  • Standard management structure consisting of board of directors, shareholders and officers
  • Operates under the IBC Law of the jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Constituted upon the signing and registration of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Owned by shareholders
  • Has an authorized share capital
  • Flexible capitalisation requirements
  • Simple membership requirements; can usually have only one member
  • Simple ownership requirements; can be owned by offshore corporations or natural persons
  • Capable of trading internationally
  • Legal person that is able to sign contracts, take mortgages, take court action and provide loans
  • Company with Limited Liability
  • Restricted to active trade with offshore corporations and persons outside jurisdiction of formation

It is good to be mindful that offshore companies are the same and have the same structural, limited liability concept as the Sociedad Anónima, Société Anonyme, Aktiengesellschaft.


Most importantly, understanding how offshore companies operate will give you a vivid idea of what should be expected from your company, the objectives that can be set, how the company can be best utilized and tailored to meet your unique needs.  A Belize offshore company, for instance, can be established as a small to medium sized business that is one man managed.  Careful and wise use of offshore corporate services through an offshore company can include:

  • Establishing an overseas/offshore subsidiary or branch
  • Use as holding company, trading company, management company or any other
  • Slashing international tax liability
  • Capitalizing on anti-double taxation treaty agreements, free trade zones and friendly investment regimes with the right business company
  • Using the IBC for wealth planning and administration, instead of offshore trust or offshore foundation
  • Holding and managing offshore banks accounts
  • Decreasing personal net worth for protection against litigation and other financial risks
  • Decreasing international transaction costs by creating a low tax environment
  • Establishing international presence for securities trading, commerce, investments and banking

Gaining easier access to raw materials and human resources


Offshore company formation has never been easier.  The process is strictly online, there is no need to pay a plane ticket and the company documents will be delivered at your address by express mail within hours or under a week of having placed an order.  To incorporate with OSC ltd., follow these steps:

  • Fill in the online offshore company formation form
  • Fill in and sign the Beneficial Owner’s Declaration as instructed
  • Send us a scanned copy of the each member’s passport or national ID card
  • Make your payment via any of the means provided (online, wire transfer or Western Union)
  • Keep in touch with OSC Ltd. Give us a call or send an email

Offshore companies are usable from the moment that they have been registered and incorporated.  Any further incorporation guidelines will be given accordingly.

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